Im drowning again so it must be one of those years

Lions, no sleep, adderall and redbull, constantly switching phones, doubting my entire existence, FAU, overthinking, missing people who don't miss me, having no friends, expect the worst never the best, over stressing, always fucking up, great books, the beach,and working at yogurtland. How is it possible i haven't killed myself yet.

i’m a piece of shit


and no one will ever be able to deal with my bullshit.


Cancer Romance, Cancer Love


Aquarius Can Appreciate….Cancer’s Emotions.


REBLOG #9 - Zodiac Signs That Are Easily Stressed Out

Why can’t I be dead.
Happy people don’t want to kill themselves.




Grandmas watchin Kim Kardashian’s sextape

This is exactly how is see myself in old age help

My grandma was just like that xD

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